Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Naruto 686 review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for Naruto chapter 686. I'm quite fortunate to be able to review this chapter so soon after it's come out but luckily I have a holiday from work right now so yay me.

I'm also glad to see at least a couple of my predictions from last chapter come true. This is a very good wednesday.

The chapter starts with a glance at the meeting between the Hokages and the Sage, as the Sage briefs all of them about the current situation Tobirama states it would be nice if they had this info later, the Sage counters that only by mixing the chakras of Indra, Ashura and the Jyuubi can he appear. The problem with this statement is that the moment Madara sealed the Jyuubi inside him all these conditions were met, yet the Sage only appeared when Hashirama touched Madara's lower half... which Madara has always wanted him to.

It kind of bugs me that Hashirama merely touching Madara can summon the Sage yet Madara's body is full of Hashirama's cells and the Jyuubi yet those conditions weren't enough to summon the Sage.

The fight between Kaguya and Naruto is a very strong reminder of the fight between Naruto and Kmimaro, in both situations Naruto summons a ton of clones against an opponent who uses mostly bone attacks, as well as the fact that Naruto loses most of his clones. The even use the same "bone hand" technique thingy.

Kakashi hasn't done much since he's lost his Sharingan has he? I mean he lost his eye, Naruto regrew an eye for him and.... that's pretty much all he's done for a while right? every chapter I keep expecting him to do something useful and this chapter sets it up nicely, Kakashi is miserable because he seems unable to provide any assistance to Naruto, he laments how even Sakura is doing her best to bring back Sasuke while Kakashi just stands around. Before anything happens though Sasuke, Sakura and Obito return and we get to see what a scared sleeve looks like.

Naruto greets his comrades as they return and Kaguya uses this opening to grab him and Bam, princess stabbity immediately impales poor Naruto. Or so it seems, as a lot of people predicted last week, Naruto just made sure his truth seeking balls (unlike the more common, female seeking balls) followed a clone and when Kaguya finally grabbed the clone it wouldn't cost him anything. The best part I think is seeing Zetsu's second scared shitless face.

Two in one chapter? Kishi you shouldn't have.

When Naruto rejoins Sasuke the first thing he asks him is if he thanked Sakura and Obito, While Sasuke did have some serious eye sex with Sakura last chapter he didn't actually thank her per say, nor did Obito get any Sharingan-on-Sharingan eye action. Kind of rude really not to thank people who literally went to a whole different existence for you.

Kaguya decides to change dimensions again and this time it's a gravity world. At first I thought that every dimension represents some sort of bloodline limit or something but gravity is new. Then it occured to me that yes, we have seen Gravity release being used before, and from someone very similar to Kaguya in fact.

Still Gravity release has never been referred to as such and I'm not sure what combination of elements would result in gravity anyways.

It doesn't seem like the best world for Kaguya though, as she is just as affected by the new dimension's gravity as everyone else. During her first assault Kaguya misses due to the gravity affecting how things move, stronger gravity results in objects being harder to throw. Zetsu though says that he "fixes it" and I wonder what that means, does Zetsu have some control over Kaguya's power?

Kakashi and Obito both have the same idea, they can try to take the attacks coming for Naruto and Sasuke, I was reading fast through this chapter but I was still sort of stumped on why Rin suddenly showed up somehow, she's not actually there and yet she makes an appearance out of nowhere. I don't get what it means but it made me re-read the last couple of pages and wondering what is going on. Obito and Kakashi even thank her, as if she did something, what is going on?.

When I saw Obito save Kakashi and the way they are both standing in front of some projectile it immediately occured to me that I've seen this sequence before. Back when they were trying to send Obito to save Naruto and give him a part of the Kyuubi, back then Kakashi used his Kamui to speed up Obito's travel time and sacrifice himself. This time it's Obito who saves Kakashi.

I'm a little sad to see Obito die but truth is he's been close to death like 4 times and actually did die at one point and get brought back to life, I like this death and sacrifice and kind of hope that Kishi sticks to it for once and let Obito go.


1- Well the first major prediction I can make is that Kakashi might get Obito's eyes and that's really sort of it. I also don't think Kakashi will die by the end of the manga because Kishi keeps putting him in dangerous situations and then letting him live.

2- I am pretty sure now that it will be the Sage who seals his mother, we will get some conversation between them and then we will see the Sage seal her, he will do the seals himself while everyone else provides him with the chakra he needs.


This was a good chapter, infact it was really good in my opinion although in the end of it we see that Kakashi really didn't do anything did he? I mean sure he tried to save Sasuke but Obito would have used Kamui either way so...

I liked Naruto's strategy, how he asks Sasuke if he thanked his team, Obito's 6th death is interesting and I hope it sticks, I also really want to see Kakashi do more in the next chapter. Overall I liked this chapter a lot and I'll give it a 4 out of 5.

What do you guys think? did you like Zetsu's face? which death do you most prefer for Obito? also what the hell was Rin doing in this chapter?