Friday, 4 July 2014

Naruto 682 and 683 Review

Hello and welcome to a double review for Naruto 682 and 683.

I aplogozie for the recent delay in posting Nauto reviews, I recently moved to a new apartment and while my internet provider at first confirmed with me that I'd have internet service the day I moved in, a mixup happened and it took them an extra week to come over and set everything up, I tried to go to a nearby cybercafe but it was closed and in the end I just decided to wait for internet at home.

I apologize again for anyone who was looking forward to the reviews and thank you to all the people who asked if I am alright, it was very nice of you. Anyways let's talk about the last two chapters now.

Chapter 682.

The chapter begins with Sasuke asking about "that technique", at first I thought that  it was some sort of combination move between Naruto and Sasuke but when Sasuke asks about it I figure it must be something else otherwise it would be a technique that the Sage gave both of them or something. Not that it matters much since Betzu says that Kaguya can absorb all ninjutsu.

We get a glimpse into the rest of team 7 with Obito, they are just floating around discussing the current situation, Kakashi mentions that Kaguya's powers are similar to a god but that's kind of been said a hundred times so not sure why Kishi is trying to hype Kaguya more and then Naruto does something to Obito, it's pretty obvious that he's reviving him and it looks very similar to what he did to Gai earlier after he used the eight gate.

When Naruto says he's been practicing his technique in secret and even more than the rasengan I knew it would be Sexy technique, although it probably wasn't as much of a secret as he thought since his mom and dad have been watching has Itachi...and Kurama... and possibly the Sage of six paths. Must be awkward to practice naked techniques with your parents literally inside you eh?

Sasuke blocks Kaguya's vision for a few seconds with Amaterasu and then...

I wonder how much fun Kishi had drawing this panel? his entire manga has been about some form of male-male relationship whether it's brotherly, friendly or rivalry and the above panel is the pinncle of Kishimoto's obssesion, a full panel of handsome undressed guys, Kaguya of course falls for the technique because she's a woman... or because she likes the same things as Kishimoto?

Anyways the distraction works and Naruto manages to land a solid punch on Kaguya, Since Obito was only susceptible to Senjutsu and Madara to Taijutsu I think everyone assumed that Kaguya would have a similar weakness as those two and thanks to their teamwork Sasuke and Naruto move in to seal Kaguya in the same way they tried to seal Madara earlier.

Similar to how well their last attempt against Madara went, Kaguya manages to somehow freeze the surrounding area right before she gets hit by the sealing technique and then she travels outside the ice block she created using some sort of dimensional door. If I had to guess I'd say that Kaguya teleported them to the Land of Iron where the samurai live, it's too much of a stretch to think that she is teleporting them across planets.... or is it?

Kaguya teleports Sasuke and Naruto with her and though it's not revealed till the next chapter, she also teleports the rest of team 7 and Obito as well. I'm really confused by how her technique works exactly, does she go to other worlds? that doesn't seem likely because whenever she teleports we see some building and it looks like it's the same planet Naruto lives in so it's quite confusing.

I've noticed that Sasuke uses Amaterasu from his Rinnengan eye now which isn't really a big surprise, I think it was stated somewhere that every Sharingan eye held a special ability and they aren't shared, Itachi used Tsukiyomi with one eye and Amaterasu with the other. I wonder if the Rinnengan can use more than one special Sharingan ability but either way Sasuke manages to free himself and Naruto.

Before we get to see Sasuke's tactic Kaguya does something I really like, she decides to teleport Sasuke away to some desert dimension and leave him there. So long as Sasuke and Naruto are together Kaguya can be sealed so by separating them she has nothing to worry about and it's nice to see a villian acknowledge that they can be defeated and to take steps to prevent that.

Chapter 683.

After Sasuke has been teleported away Naruto immediately tries to pry open the dimensional gates that Kaguya uses but it's pointless as the door closes anyway. Zetsu announces his attack and I always wonder why everyone has to talk so much, why not just grab Naruto and absorb his chakra? instead Zetsu has to announce it first and this warning gives Naruto enough time to dodge Kaguya's attack.

Kaguya has a similar fighting style to Haku from way back in part 1, both are able to teleport and strike fast from anywhere and both are fema- oh wait one of them is female and the other one looks female so I guess that's a semi-similarity.

Kaguya decides to phase out of the world she's in and let the surroundings catch Naruto while elsewhere Kakashi, sakura and Naruto's clone are discussing their current location. I honestly do not understand all this world stuff because I keep thinking they must be on earth right? are they going to different planets or is kaguya re-writing reality? what exactly happens when the world changes from a volcano to an ice mountain?

Obito wakes up thanks to Naruto but both he and Naruto seem to know something about his revival, my guess is that it's only a temporary thing and Obito is living on borrowed time. Then again Obito has been living on burrowed time ever since Kakashi skewered him with his Raikiri, since then Obito has been the jinchuriki for the Jyuubi and then he used Zetsu as some sort of symbiote to extend his life and now Naruto revives him for practically the third time.

I didn't think Obito had both his Sharingan eyes, didn't Zetsu use one of them to exit his dimension? Let's see if we can track his eye movements properly, first as Tobi he had one Sharingan and one Rinnengan, he kept that eye pattern up until he and Sakura were in his dimension, at which point Zetsu "wore" Obito and used him for Kamui, Madara also had one Sharingan and one Rinnengan and he took Obito's Rinnengan, after that did Madara/Zetsu plant Obito's second Sharingan (the one he gave to Kakashi) to Obito? I don't think so because once they exited the dimension Obito only had one Sharingan eye.

Or maybe Naruto just regrew another eye, he can do that now...with a clone.

Obito asks about the current situation and he's told that things have changed and they are fighting Kaguya now, the team discusses whether they should get involved or not but everyone decides it's best to go and face kaguya in case they are needed. Of the current group it looks like Obito will be the most useful thanks to his eye techniques, I'm not quite sure how useful Sakura will be.

The 4 hokages are all reunited and they analyze the current situation, Madara's lower half is still hanging around and Minato wonders if that means they should assume Madara is dead, a rather likely assumption when a person has been cut into two pieces but this is late into Naruto and being cut in half is like a scratch now.

Tobirama assumes that because they are dead they are immune to the infinite Tsukiyomi, he also suggests trying to revive Madara with Edo Tensei which seems like a good plan if they know whether Madara is dead or not. Hashirama gets angry at the idea of sacrificing someone but why can't they just grab a random Zetsu body? Orochimaru did it earlier so I don't see the problem there. 

However before anything can happen the Sage himself shows up and introduces himself, this is a bit different than when Naruto and Sasuke met him in their concous because he is clearly visible to everyone present, does this mean the Sage will be revived in some form?

Back to the fight it seems Kaguya can control whatever place they go to, since the Jyuubi was said to be pure natural energy or something like that it's logical that Kaguya can control her surroundings as well. Naruto pretends he's trapped to lure her close but the more interesting development is how Obito notices she is travelling between dimensions and how he plans to exploit that with Kamui. At first I thought the only reason Obito has been hanging around was because he would give his eyes to Kakashi and I think that's likely but it's cool to see him make smart observations and plans before he dies.

Unfortunately his current plan requires a lot of chakra, going into Kaguya's dimension and bringing Sasuke back isn't easy and he needs both a Naruto clone and Sakura to come along to serve as chakra batteries in case he runs out. I really enjoyed Obito in this chapter and how he replies to Naruto's thanks by telling him that he isn't trying to redeem himself or change anyone's opinion, he just wants to die doing the right thing is really cool.


1- Everytime I've predicted that Obito will die, he somehow manages to stay alive somehow, Ido think he will die eventually but is it now? hmm. At the very least it's heavily implied that he will die soon.

2- Something will happen when Obito goes to the other dimension, it's not going to be a quick grab and retreat, I'm not sure what will happen but it might have something to do with them being stuck in Kaguya's dimension

3- The Sage showing up... hard to predict what that's going to lead to. Also it looks like Kishi is telling us that Madara might not be completely dead since they didn't use Edo Tensei in this chapter.

4- The power Hashirama gave Sasuke will help "awaken" Madara from inside Kaguya somehow.


I definitely enjoyed these two chapters although I think 683 is far superior than 682. Kaguya's powers and dimension shifting abilities still confuse the heck out of me, I'm hoping we get an explanation soon about them because I'd like to know exactly what they do.

Overall I really liked Obito's actions in 683, it made it very interesting and I like their mission to bring back Sasuke, it looks like it will be very entertaining. I'll give the last two chapters of Naruto a 3.5 out of 5 and hope you guys enjoyed them as well.


"No black zetsu, I have been manipulating you all along." -Sakura

So, at least we know how Madara survived. Posthumous Izanagi is the best Izanagi.

I remember, once upon a time, when Zetsu was just the guy who disposed bodies for Akatsuki. And now Black Zetsu turns out to be the guy who manipulated the manipulater who manipulated everybody. When will the reveals end???

You know what...This could work!

What if Black Zetsu IS controlling Kaguya...That means Kaguya is a tool.
Just like Hagoromo.
And Madara.
And Obito.
And Pain.
And Sasuke.
And the entire Uchiha clan.
And all of the fodders.
I guess Black Zetsu would be Naruto's tool?

Might as well rename this manga to "Toolbox" since everyone's a tool in the end.


So, Madara got the Rinnegan through a vicious love-bite. He kept the love meat in his mouth, spat it out, then rammed it inside of himself later - homoerotism is off the charts. 

- KiSwordsman

Perspective is different then out right changes and belittling the previously established history through other characters. Basically it went like this:

"you want to know about the history of ninja? I'll tell you about the history."

"Mannn, that guy didn't know what the crap happened. I'll tell you what really happened."

"I'm the one who started all of this, the one that they call god. I'll tell you how things really went down."

"Man, the last guy didn't know his Anus from his testicles. I am the third child of the mother of dragons, I'll set you straight on the actual history. Honest."

It's just getting really tiresome at this point. 

Obito is ready to die... for like the fifth time now