Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Naruto 687 review

Hi everyone and welcome to what will probably be one of the shortest reviews I've written so far for Naruto.

If I can summarize chapter 687 in one sentence, it would be " Obito says stuff and dies" because there is so little that happens in this chapter that you can literally skip 687 altogether and it wouldn't matter. at the end of 686 Obito is stabbed and dying and we get a whole chapter of watching him die basically.
At the start of the chapter Kakashi asks his old rival turned friend turned rival turned friend again why he saved him and Obito responds it's because Kakashi's power is still needed.

I wonder what sort of weed Obito is using cause it must be very powerful stuff if it makes Kakashi look useful at this stage of the story, I love the character but let's be honest he has done nothing except tag along for quite a while now, so Obito's reason is just lame. The only slightly interesting development is that Kaguya is running out of chakra and needs to go to her dimension as she heals faster there. I remember the good old days when recovering chakra took hours and such but that was a long time ago.

A rather perfect summary of team 7's reaction to Obito, Naruto is loud and angry, Sasuke is also enraged that another Uchiha just died and Sakura..... well she's in the panel so that's something right? right?

I had a minor heart attack when I saw Naruto use his Jesus palm on Obito, I mean that would just be incredible wouldn't it? so far it can revive the dead (Obito) grow organs (Kakashi) and save people from certain death injuries (Gai). I was really scared we'd get Obito revived again yet it didn't happen.

I did like seeing Betsu's lecture on Obito's life until now, Obito has lost literally everything he ever had, multiple times in fact, he has nobody and his death shouldn't mean much. This entire war is his fault so it is a little hard to say "Poor Obito" when all that's happened is his fault and had he just talked to someone about his feelings he might have been able to help himself. Instead he started a war and then after one Therapy session with Naruto he's calmed down and brought back to normal.

In a world where people regularly kill from a very young age I'm surprised there is no special department for therapy and stress.

I give Sasuke a lot of flak for his lack of emotional attachments but here's something he always does well, he acts when he sees an opportunity. With all this talk over Obito's funeral he sees an opening and he tries to lightning blade Kaguya's head, it doesn't work but he gets an A+ for effort.

With his powers restored Sasuke tells Naruto that it's time they left Obito and focused on Kaguya, of course Naruto doesn't respond and Sasuke moves ahead which is admirable yet makes little strategic sense since Sasuke is unlikely to defeat Kaguya by himself and even if he does subdue her in some way he can't seal her without Naruto. Sasuke fighting alone is the wrong move I believe.

Obito gives a speech on his life of regret and what he had and what he has now, IF ONLY he realized this a week ago we wouldn't have a war on our hand would we? I never really understood the trope of villains dying and once they are on their death beds they start having regrets, really? couldn't you start having regrets before thousands of people died? that would be nice of you, could have spared their family all that trauma but nope, villains have to have a global tantrum and once it's over then they wish they could take it back.

Not to mention his logic for world domination and the death of thousands.

Despite my lack of empathy for Obito dying, it is cool how Naruto sort of crushes his body and promises to become Hokage, I really enjoyed that moment. And hey it motivates Naruto enough to take off one of kaguya's arms, whaaaat?

The Epilogue of this chapter is that Obito is finally reunited with Rin, one wonders why he didn't just kill himself sooner to be with her instead of making the whole world suffer.


No predictions this chapter since not much really happened, you can check out my predictions for the previous chapter if you're interested.

What did I think of this chapter? hmm... seems a bit long to be honest. Obito's death could have been 5 panels and then the story moves on, I felt like Kishi was milking the scene a little which is ironic cause he intends to end his manga soon yet drags the story at a lot of parts. I wasn't too moved by much this chapter to be honest and felt it was just too long for what it wanted to tell. For that I'll give Naruto a 1.5 out of 5.