Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Naruto 684 review.

After 3 weeks of delayed reviews it feels good to be able to review chapter 684 on time, here's hoping we get a chapter that moves the story along instead of the more filler like chapters this arc is becoming famous for.

When 684 begins we see Sakura come to the conclusion that Obito won't survive, it's why he's willing to use such extreme tactics to win even if they cost him his life. Obito tells Sakura and the Naruto clone to hold on to him, since they might be teleporting at any moment. Apparently there isn't much for Kakashi to do right now as he can't fight against Kaguya nor can he supply Obito with chakra. Also did anyone think of this song when Obito said they should "touch his body?"

While it's not made abundantly clear whether Kaguya sensed the rest of team 7 or not, Kakashi is right when he says that she doesn't really care about them at all, only Sasuke and Naruto combined can seal Kaguya, Having a bunch of shinobi nearby doesn't concern her at all.

Last chapter saw the beginning of Naruto's plan, he made it look like Kaguya had managed to trap him so that he can get her to come close and she falls for it, I can't say I understand exactly why Kaguya would come close to Naruto though, doesn't she have some sort of ranged attack? if someone can't move then isn't it best to attack them from a distance?

It's sort of explained that she wants to drain his chakra but she hasn't done that to the thousands of shinobi caught in her tree thingy so why Naruto? rule of drama I guess. 

I rarely mention the art in Naruto but the panel of Naruto looking determined to bring Sasuke back is just really cool, combining his sage chakra with Kurama and just staring at Kaguya, pretty badass.
Kaguya doesn't do much talking but she does blurt out the occasionally sentence or two, what was more interesting was seeing the five tails inside Naruto offer his help, he uses steam release and is able to free Naruto by melting the area around him.

It's a little surprising that we haven't seen more of the Bijuus now that I think of it, I think this is the third time Naruto uses them, he used Son once to make his Rasengan into a lava ball and he used Shukaku to seal Madara's clone but apart from that they don't show up nearly as much as I thought they would.

When Naruto says he's taking it back to basics he really means it, we haven't seen the Naruto combo since he used it on Gaara way back in part 1 and here it is again after more than 500 chapters. Kaguya's taijutsu defense is about as good as a Brazilian football team and once she sees that the situation is hopeless she immediately teleports away instead of tanking any hits, I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kaguya has been very pragmatic with her actions and hasn't fallen to the classic villian mistakes of over talking or getting too confident.

Here's a part of the chapter that confuses me, firstly Naruto says that he, as the original will chase after Kaguya and yet Zetsu says that Naruto come in with 2 clones that vanished so there's a bit of confusion here. I have a feeling this might be some sort of plan because what happens next is also a bit hard to believe.

It seems the dimension Kaguya goes to is the "first" dimension and it links to all others, Zetsu is properly paranoid about the fact that Naruto can still team up with Sasuke and seal Kaguya. Zetsu says they must kill Naruto before things get any worse and at first Kaguya actually disagrees with him, she wants to absorb his chakra first, luckily or perhaps unluckily for our hero Zetsu manages to convince her to just kill Naruto, he reminds her that she uses a lot of Chakra to go from one dimension to another, that she can still be sealed and finally that there is a lot of Chakra without needing Naruto's.

He also mentions their plan being ruined and why does Kaguya need so much Chakra anyways? hmm.

Since the moment we learned of the name Kaguya I've thought that there might be some sort of relationship with Kimimaro, this chapter pretty much confirms that when Kaguya uses the same technique that Kimimaro does. The last person Naruto fought with in part 1 before his fight with Sasuke was Kimimaro, I wonder if Kaguya, another bone user (or boner), will also be Naruto's last opponent before Sasuke?

Kaguya's use of dimensional holes and bone spears manage to catch Naruto off guard and creates a massive hole in his stomache but it's pretty obviously not really Naruto because no main character has ever been killed so easily. This is proven when Kaguya goes back to her world expecting to see all of Naruto's clones disappear and yet they are all still there. Kakashi ends this chapter by stating that he "entered fine" which is a pretty damn ambiguous sentence to end the chapter at.

A rather confusing ending to be completely honest. Also what is the world coming to when all you have to rely on is Sakura?


1- Yeah sure Naruto is dead now, right. The bigger question though is why did that clone survive the dimensional travel? the other 2 poofed and so did the one following Obito so I'd love to hear an explanation on why the Naruto that Kaguya stabbed didn't just disappear.

2- A possibility is that while Naruto did get stabbed by Kaguya he might have used the Bijuu's to save him somehow, but I think it's more likely that Naruto never got injured at all and he somehow fooled Kaguya (and us).

3- Where is Kakashi? and is that even Kakashi? I wonder if that's Naruto who is disguising himself as Kakashi, when Naruto used his massive Kagu Bunshin he probably did more than just attack Kaguya.

4- I wonder if Kakashi will somehow find Sasuke before anyone else and they have some sort of talk? would be very similar to part 1 which is something Kishi is going for in this arc.

5- Long term bet but... pretty sure Kaguya might be the last opponent Naruto fights before the final battle with Sasuke, I still think we will get a Sasuke vs Naruto match in the end for some reason.


This chapter felt much shorter than usual, probably because I was blazing through the panels but also because there was less dialogue than usual. An interesting chapter though the only real development was seeing Obito and Sakura enter the other dimension, apart from that nothing really happens, Kaguya teleports to one world and then returns and if Naruto is unhurt then yeah, all that happened was Obito and Sakura teleporting and maybe Kakashi as well.

Still the fight sequence was interesting and seeing Naruto Rendan again was fun, I like the Zetsu/Kaguya partnership as well. For the art, the fight and the slight story advancement I'll give Naruto 684 a 3 out of 5.

What do you guys think of the chapter? leave me a comment with your thoughts, thanks and hope you enjoyed the review.