Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Naruto 685 review.

Hello and welcome to this later than usual Naruto review, things are quite hectic right now in real life so I will be publishing a bit later than usual.
The anime continues to impress me this arc, it's still focusing on Hashirama's backstory with Madara and the anime has done a stand up job so far in presenting their stories. A lot of people kept saying that this arc would be amazing when it's animated and so far they are very correct.

Let's talk about 685, firstly big props to a lot of readers who pointed out this exact scenario last week, you guys rock for predicting that it was Naruto's clone, Obito and Sakura who managed to teleport all together into Kaguya's dimension. After teleporting it Obito and Sakura just hid in the Kamui world until Kaguya left the place.

It takes quite a few panels to explain all this though which slows the pace of this chapter, Kaguya leaves her dimension and Naruto is determined to keep her focus on him. Major props to my readers again who pointed out that the Naruto clone in Kaguya's dimension didn't have the black spheres with him, which proved that he was a fake.

Who exactly is the brains of the Kaguya/Zetsu team? it feels like since the start of their reunion it's been Zetsu telling her what to do, in one chapter he told her not to bother absorbing Naruto but to kill him instead, he suggested teleporting Sasuke away from Naruto and in this chapter he tells Kaguya that she shouldn't open more portals as they allow Naruto a chance to rescue Sasuke. It definitely feels like Zetsu is much more authoritative than Kaguya so far.

Lastly about Naruto vs Kaguya is that Naruto has already fooled a Byakugan user before by pretending to have a clone act like the original copy, Kaguya thinks that only the original will have the black spheres around him and her figuring it out makes me think that Naruto is probably putting his spheres on someone else and using that clone as a diversion, similar to his fight with Neji.

When it comes to the hunt for Sasuke part of the chapter it's interesting but not much to cover there, Sakura acts as a chakra battery while Obito opens multiple dimensional doors to find Sasuke, First they find the lava world that they have been in and afterwards it's an acid world and simply by opening a door into that dimension costs Sakura her jacket, this becomes a rather important plot point later.

We've seen 4 of Kaguya's dimensions now and they all seem to be based on a bloodline limit of some sort, the Ice world is based on combining water and wind release, which Haku did. The Magma world is a combination of fire and earth chakra, Acid world is based on Boil release which is fire and water combined. Even the sand world is a combination of earth and air release.

I have a feeling we'll see a ton of coloured versions for the top image, ah well.

My guess on how Sasuke's fast moving technique works was completely wrong, it turns out that Sasuke is able to instantly swap with another object, back in 674 when Madara was charging into Sasuke we saw Sasuke simply swap himself with his sword and allowed Madara to impale himself. In this chapter Sasuke exchanged places with Sakura's jacket instead.

For some odd reason many people are jumping the gun with this ending, saying that Sasuke is a great guy for swaping himself with Sakura's jacket and not Sakura herself. It does bring up the question though, what if Sakura hadn't taken off her jacket, what would Sasuke exchange places with then? he's always been very pragmatic and he might be able to provide Obito with enough chakra to get them out of the sand world. Who knows right?


1- The Naruto with black spheres around him is a clone that Naruto is using to trick Kaguya, he's done a similar thing before so I'd love to see it again.

2- I'm not so sure Obito is going to exit the current dimension, he's either gonna just send Sasuke and Sakura or he will teleport all of them but end up losing his life afterwards, dude's been dying for 60 chapters now.

3- I am pretty sure the worlds Kaguya connects to are based on bloodline limit abilities, we might see a tree world or some other chakra combination soon.

4- I wonder if Sasuke can swap places with a person? this makes it the ultimate sacrifice technique, Sasuke might see someone about to get killed by an attack and swap places with them.


About 6 pages of this chapter were an explanation on what happened last week, it's nice to get a clear picture of what happened in 684 but it does feel a bit slow to tread there again, also the hunt for Sasuke is interesting but generally speaking it just consisted of a few trial and errors by Obito and then Sasuke is rescued, once Sasuke is reunited with Naruto then we are roughly in the same place as we were 5 chapters ago.

Still it was all well done and the chapter was exciting to watch, everyone apart from Kakashi did something badass, Obito's Kamui was awesome here, as was Sakura's chakra abilities, Naruto's use of clones and perhaps best of all, Sasuke's ability to swap himself with something else, I'll give this a solid 3.5 out of 5.