Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Naruto 692 review

I wasn't really expecting the new chapter of Naruto to come out at this time, it's 0:06 AM thursday and I was heading to bed when I decided to check if the new chapter is out and it was, kinda shocked but I'd better do it now because I won't be free to do it till tomorrow night.
So let's talk about Naruto 692 now.

Last chapter's ending and the way it showed Naruto's good bye to his dad was a really good way to end a disappointing arc, I also think this ending might have something to do with Kishimoto losing his dad earlier this year and putting a touching father-son farewell may be his way of coping.

In other news, hooray Kakashi-sakura shippers, the ship is real people, it is real.

Those two sure have been very touchy lately haven't they?

All the spirits start to leave, including Obito's...corpse I guess? I'm not sure what to call it since he sort of disintegrated. Except the Sage himself who stays behind to tie up some loose ends.

The tailed beasts start talking about their future plans, Son is going back to his cave, and the 5th and 7th tailed beast are also going back to their homes, the Hachibi however is too attached to Bee to leave him and says he will just go back to his jinchuriki. I like how Kurama also wants to go back with Naruto but can't find a way to say it without showing how much he cares for the yellow haired ninja.

Cue the Sage giving Kurama a reason to stay with Naruto, it's a really awesome moment and I like how it's done sort of indirectly, it highlights how smart the Sage is and how proud Kurama is, he's too stubborn to say outright that he wants to be with Naruto but he'll agree to any reason.

This is when the chapter takes a more serious turn, the Sage asks Naruto and Sasuke whether their mind has changed since they talked to him in that other dimension world thing, Naruto says no and that he's really glad Kushina is his mom since Kaguya doesn't even have a personality heart. The Sage is satisfied with Naruto's answer and then resumes his original question with Sasuke and that's when things get good.

Firstly the art in this page is awesome, I rarely comment on Naruto's art because I am pretty bad at judging these things but even I can tell that this page shows some serious emotion and that isn't easy to do. Kakashi and Sakura are surprised by Sasuke's answer but Naruto's expression shows that he sort of expected something like this to happen.

Sasuke's first order of business is to seize control of the Bijuus, the moment he says so Kurama instantly reacts and tries to flatten Sasuke and again I like this because even though Kurama might be a big soft fox to Naruto, he's still a beast that was fueled by hatred for years and won't take any disrespect or threat lightly.

It seems obvious that the Sage disagrees with Sasuke's decision, since he tells Naruto that things are up to him now, the poor old man was put in a tough situation when he met Sasuke since giving the Uchiha power meant that he will try to kill the Gokages and the Bijuus but not giving him power means that Kaguya won't be sealed.

Sasuke explains his motivation of a new world order that is free of darkness, to make this world though he wants to be it's leader and get rid of the current Kages as well as all the Bijuus. At first I thought that killing the Bijuus is dumb since they will just get resurrected in time but Sasuke plans to trap them all in the Chibaku tensei, I assume he will seal them on different planets or the moon somehow.

It's a bit sad to see Kurama yell out to Naruto for help, he's such a prideful guy and yet even he knows he's in a bad situation, if you can't tell yet I really like Kurama ever since he started changing.

Sasuke makes 9 orbiting rocks and claims that only one obstacle now stands in his path and it's the biggest obstacle of all, Naruto.


Man I am hyped for the coming fight between Sasuke and Naruto, there is no avoiding it now that this will be the final fight in the manga so let's get to some guesses.

1- Only team 7 is awake in the world right now, so that means it's Naruto vs Sasuke but we also have to remember that both Kakashi and Sakura are around, Kakashi will definitely try to help Naruto since he is his (kakashi) favorite student. 

The wild card here is Sakura, who will she support? will we get a 2 vs 2 match? Sakura said she would aid Sasuke even if he walked in darkness (end of part 1) so what will she do now?

2- Sasuke still has some of Hashirama's power inside him, if he didn't use it against Madara that leaves only Naruto to be on the receiving end.

3- I think Sasuke will die or somehow lose all his powers, I kept wondering how Kishi will solve the problem of Sasuke's past crimes, the dude killed a lot of innocent people so just letting him go free won't work. By killing Sasuke, Kishi gets to avoid any complicated moral issues.


I freaking loved this chapter, honestly the best thing we've gotten in years, it's not so much what happened but the promise of what will happen, the final fight that we've all been waiting for.

Loved seeing the character interactions here, loved Kurama in this chapter and I am seriously hyped for what will happen to team 7 now, Naruto chapter 692 deserves nothing less than a 5 out of 5.

Tell me your thoughts guys, will Sakura aid Sasuke? will Sasuke die? what about Kakashi? I look forward to any feedback you guys have.