Friday, 9 January 2015

Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin 65 review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for attack on titans chapter 65, titled " Dreams and Curses".

Chapter 64 ended with Kenny asking if there was any point in him becoming a titan himself, people seem to have very differing opinions of kenny ackerman, most say he has some sort of hidden agenda that doesn't align with Rod Reiss, some say he is in fact the ape titan due to some similarities with how they look.

Ah well it's just theory so instead of talking about the possibilities right now I'll discuss this chapter and my thoughts on it.
Firstly we see a very lenghty discussion between Kenny and his grandfather, Kenny tells his grandpa he finally found his sister who was working in a brother and mentions another family who moved to Shiganshina, since the only known ackermans left are Mikasa, Kenny and Levi then it's safe to assume that Levi's mother was the one working at the brothel and Mikasa's parents were in Shiganshina.

Kenny asks why the Ackermans have become so few considering they are a strong family closely linked to the monarchy, Kenny's grandfather explains that the Reiss family has the power to alter people's memories, which we already know and it explains why people have no memory of life before the wall. However while some bloodlines are immune to this effect there are two who opposed the king, the Ackermans and a bloodline not named yet, simply called "asian".

Wasn't Mikasa's mother kidnapped for being asian? does that mean the asian bloodline has died out except for Mikasa? hmm.

To keep his family safe, the head of the Ackermans decided to let the king execute him in order to keep this secret, of course it seemed like it was utterly worthless. I never understood why someone would choose to die in hopes that another person will keep their promise.

Back in present times we see that Kenny has his lovely gun aimed straight at Rod's eyeball, a lovely scene to begin with. Kenny says that he is sure everything Rod said is true and that he has been used so far, when Rod talks about his (Rod's) brother, Kenny suddenly threatens him, I wonder what is the connection between those two characters? has it ever been brought up before?

Sadly before any of that is revealed Historia gets involved and tries to disarm Kenny, it doesn't work but it does get Kenny to start talking, about how Rod is trying to get Historia to turn into a Titan so she can eat Eren, Historia is oddly determined about doing this but it's to be expected considering the amount of brain washing Rod has been doing for the last 5 chapters or so, Also it seems like she is reverting back to her Christa personality who tried to do her best to sacrifice herself for other people, Historia wants to become a martyr and if she can somehow become a mindless titan for "humanity's sake" she'll do it. Of course if she eats Eren she won't be mindless but still...

Before she can go through with it though Kenny calls her on her logic, asking if she forgot everything Rod had done to her, how she was born because Rod couldn't keep it in his pants, how Rod kept her alive after all his kids died so he could have someone else become a Titan for him.

Man from the things Kenny says and how he phrases them, Rod is a complete assface, if Rod wanted to prevent a lot of tragedies it seems like he could have if he just acted earler, plus letting his brother and daughters become Titans instead of him is very shady, even though he hints that he shouldn't become a Titan himself.

For some reason after Rod says that he can't become a Titan and that he is proud of his brother's choices, Kenny loses his will to threaten Rod any further and instead decides that he will sort of let fate take it's course, he frees Eren and says that it will be a Titan showdown, Historia could win and if she does she'd have all the powers the Reiss had for centuries, and if Eren wins then things stay as they are.

This is quite interesting, so apparently people can pick the "type" of Titan they want to be, Rod here says that he picked a Titan that was very suited for fighting, this makes me think back to Reiner and Bertholt who both had very unique Titans that were extremely suitable for the tasks they were assigned to, Berthold had the colossal Titan who could bring down the outer wall and Reiner's Titan was perfect for bringing down the inner wall. I also wonder if Eren's titan was picked for him as it is extremely combat efficient as well.

Another new development is that Titan's dont necessarily need to eat people whole, what they do need though is to drink their Spinal fluid, this answers a question fans have asked for a long time, why was Eren somehow able to survive being eaten? and why didn't the bearded Titan back then turn into a Titan shifter?

That's not how you get spinal fluid..

Eren was extremely lucky as neither bite was near his spine, Eren instead was just swallowed...semi-whole.

As Historia is about to begin her injection she looks at Eren and asks why he isn't preparing for battle, Eren looks at her and it's a sad mixture of blood and tears on his face, in his eyes you can tell Eren's already been defeated in the fight before it's even began.

He explains how none of this stuff needed to happen, his father shouldn't have eaten Frieda and Eren shouldn't have this power, if things had gone as they should have then none of the 104 squad needed to die. I love how Eren mentions a lot of characters that weren't prominent in the story like Marco, because even though we as readers don't see them much doesn't mean that they never existed and other characters just forget them. I mean what did Thomas do? he was in 2 scenes and one of them was him getting eaten.

..This is how it's done.
Eren's depression might be what ends up saving him though, as when he mentions how he never needed to happen it reminds Historia of how she felt growing up, as she always felt unwanted herself. Eren's plea of death ironically will end up saving him.

Historia puts the needle into her ( is that how to phrase it properly? I mean she doesn't actually inject herself yet) and we don't see what happens next, only that there is a giant light and a new Titan is born.


1- There is nothing saying this new Titan is Historia, while it's certainly the most likely it could be Kenny or Rod or even some one else who showed up, it's not likely but I won't say the Titan is Historia is a fact yet.

2- Assuming it is Historia though then she might end up eating someone else, I think she might eat Rod and turn back into a human, revealing that Rod was a Titan all along.

3- I hope we get a massive brawl soon, between Kenny's police vs The survey corps (with Eren) vs Historia vs , that would be incredible as each side would be desperately looking out for themselves.

4- Eren will snap out of his depression at some point, I think he will see the Survey group is in danger and he will go berzerk to try and save them.