Friday, 22 May 2015

Naruto 704 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for Naruto chapter 704.

I haven't reviewed Naruto since it "ended" a few months back and I wasn't planning on reviewing the new chapters either. However since some of you requested that I do and also since I'm...erm....unemployed as of now, I have a lot of free time and should hopefully be able to review chapters weekly.

Now let's talk chapter 704 which begins with Naruto standing inbetween the new villian, uchiha Shin to protect Cho Cho as well as Sasuke's daughter Sarada. It's worth mentioning that Naruto has apparently met Shin before as in the end of 703 he says "Oh, it's you", Sasuke had no such reaction though which leads me to a prediction I will mention later.

Shin immediately turns on his Mangkyo Sharingan and causes some gigantic shuriken like thing to appear, Naruto seeing that he is surrounded by projectiles activates his Bijuu form to protect himself and the kids with him.

After he defends against Shin, a mysterious creature appears and tells Shin to withdraw, this thing looks very similar to a small 10 tails doesn't it? not only that but it uses a skill extremely similar to Tobi's dimensional teleportation, Naruto even notices this.

With Shin retreating we see Naruto sit with the girls and they have a talk, Chocho begins by asking if Naruto is her dad, cause you know she resembles him so much with her dark skin and brown hair. Naruto for his part is just confused about what she means and then clarifies that Shin attacked them because he wanted Sarada, Naruto doesn't tell her why though when she asks but it's pretty obvious at least to me that he either wants her Sharingan or he wants to get revenge on Sasuke by harming his family, whom Sasuke loves SO much #sarcasm#Sasukecan'tlove.

Naruto tells the kids that they are safest with him on his journey to some tower, was it ever mentioned why Naruto is heading to this tower? is it because he agreed to meet Sasuke there? can't really remember. When the topic of Sasuke does come out and how he is father of the year material, Sarada can't say a thing about him since she's never seen him before, so Naruto decides to tell them a few stories about Sasuke.

Naruto mentions how Sasuke was really popular in the academy just like Naruto (hmm?) and that Sasuke was very skilled and handsome, just like Naruto (someone isn't remembering things properly). When Naruto says something that makes Sarada sad, he immediately backtracks by calling Sasuke his rival, it's a really cool scene to see Naruto acting like such a parent... well to Sasuke's kid at least.

His skills with women could use a bit of work though.
When the group gets close to the tower Chocho is too tired to continue and asks for a break, Sarada seeing this as her chance to meet her father alone tells the group she needs a bathroom break and leaves. On her way to Sasuke it looks like her Sharingan activates although I can't really tell with art. Either way she reaches the tower and runs into Sasuke, who greets her with his usual Uchiha friendliness.

Sasuke, upon meeting his own daughter, immediately draws his sword to say hello, of course he assumes she is an ally of Shin but it's still pretty damn amazing he'd do that.

Then again, considering his relationship with her mother, I'd say Sarada getting stabbed is well within Sasuke's usual treatment of women.

"And that kids, is how I met your mother"


1- Naruto met shin before, my guess is that Shin attacked the village some time ago while looking for Sasuke and that Naruto stopped him somehow.

2- The Jyuubi is alive somehow, it's in a very weak form but it's still around and it is related to Shin.

3- Not sure whether it's Karin or Sakura whose meant to be Sarada's mother yet, I can't quite see how this plot is going but if I had to make a bet, I'd say it's Sakura. I mean for Sasuke to sleep with Karin and dump the baby with Sakura would be a new low even for him.


I liked this chapter, the fighting was very lackluster but Naruto stopped having good fights a while ago when it became all about who can summon the biggest Pokemon and fire the most explosive projectile. What I did enjoy was seeing Naruto with the kids and acting fatherly, it's a journey he's made from an annoying prankster into a father figure and we've watched him every step of the way.

Due to Naruto's parenting skills, this chapter gets a 3 out of 5 for me and I hope you enjoyed reading this.