Thursday, 28 May 2015

Naruto 705 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for Naruto chapter 705.

 Last week we saw Sasuke greet his daughter after so many years by threatening her life, this chapter we see him waste no time in trying to resume his relationship with Sarada and the fastest way to a girl's heart is...well, straight through her heart...with a blade if possible.

Sasuke says hello.
Sarada, too shocked and hurt by this development starts crying, Kishi has long had a history of useless women and Sarada takes strongly after her mother in this chapter, as the moment she is confronted by danger her response is to cry. But I can't blame the poor girl, her father greets her with attempted murder and he's one of the most dangerous shinobi in the world, so it's very reasonable for her to be scared.

And I thought my family reunions were bad :/

Still, if you're looking for some character development for Sasuke we get some this episode as for once he doesn't stab someone important for him, this is a huge step forward for Sasuke, it took us 705 chapters but it has happened, Sasuke has officially not stabbed someone when he could have. Sasuke asks if she is his daughter and she tells him she is and she recognized him immediately. It's obvious that Sarada is hurt that it took her father a longer time and a death threat to recognize her.

She's going to have a lot of daddy issues.
Naruto finally arrives and rather than be thankful towards him, Sasuke immediately snaps at him for bringing his daughter, Chouchou of course immediately assumes that Sasuke is one of her potential fathers, it's really funny how she thinks every cool guy might be her dad, poor Chouji though.

Sarada asks Sasuke who her father is and the scene shifts to Sakura who just woke up from the hospital, she's told that her daughter has left and she calls her "that child of mine" so that's some pretty strong evidence that Sarada is Sakura's daughter although Sakura might just be calling her that out of affection.

When we go back to the tower, instead of getting a straight answer out of Sasuke, he instead asks her what's wrong. I really dislike this tactic with writers because Sasuke could have easily answered the question but instead Kishi makes him avoid it to stretch out the drama. Even if Sakura isn't the mother at least let us get a straight answer, thankfully Sarada gives Sasuke an earful.

Seriously, stop screwing up Sasuke.
You know for a guy who went on and on about reviving his clan, you'd think Sasuke would do a better job taking care of his only child.

When Sarada asks what Sasuke has been doing all this time we get a flashback, man I've missed those. It's a meeting between the 5 kages and Sasuke is informing them that a creature even stronger than Kaguya may have appeared, it's a bit hard to imagine someone even more overpowered than the crazy bunny woman from outer space but we will find out soon enough. The 5 kages agree to keep this information secret and Sasuke decides to track this new threat alone.

I like this scene, reminds me a bit of when Jiraya tracked the Akatsuki by himself while Tsunade protected the village. Also similar to how Itachi did his best to protect Konoha even though it cost him a lot. Sakura also was at the meeting so at least someone considered her feelings and let her know about this mission. Also I am glad that my prediction that the Jyuubi is somehow alive came true, sweet.

I suppose he is.
Still Sasuke taking that mission means that Naruto has to play the role of parent and again this is heart warming, Naruto doesn't say much yet it's clear that he comforts Sarada by being there. We don't get to see much more of their interaction because we witness that Sakura is on the way to meet them ( team 7 united!) and speaking of unity, Akatsuki is being revived as the masked man declares it's time to begin and takes of his robe and we see that he is....

He's damn ugly is what he is.
Sometimes I imagine Kishi sitting down with his editor and discussing "Where do you think we can put even More eyes on this person? oh? 3 eyes on his head? brilliant!"

I wonder if he shaves his head to improve his vision, or is he naturally bald? I feel like that question is going to keep me up tonight.

Anyways, Eye head and Shin teleport to where Naruto is and immediately attack them, there is a humorous scene involving Sasuke, Chouchou and chips but it's overshadowed by the attack. Eye head is able to use the same Mangkyo sharingan as Shin did a few chapters ago, this leads me to believe that they are all from one origin somehow, we already know that there are multiple copies of Shin and perhaps this freaky scary guy is the original or something.

The two members of Akatsuki attack Naruto but he is able to repel their shurikens thanks to his Bijuu cloak, before the fight escalates any further Sasuke shows up and is about to engage Eye head and the chapter ends.


1- I think we might see some sort of 2 v 2 match next, maybe Eye head vs Sasuke and Naruto vs Shin, although we already know that Shin is weaker than Naruto so maybe it will be Naruto vs all the Shin clones?

2- Looks like it will be Sakura who is the mother, meh I find this plot somewhat pointless and it's mainly used to bring Sarada and Sasuke together

3- Sakura is one the way to the temple, which means someone is going to get injured and she will heal them while discussing about her family, my best is it's one of the Uchiha who gets hurt.


An interesting chapter, I like seeing the kages gather together and discussing the post war world and their new threat, I like how Sasuke has a legitimate reason for not being with his family as well as more scenes of Naruto as a dad, those are always awesome.

I am curious where the story will go from here, Kishi hasn't written a very good fight in a long time so I'm hoping we see a fight that's decent, it will be the first serious engagement of this series so let's keep our fingers crossed. Overall I'd give this chapter a 3.5 out of 5.

Tell me your thoughts, did you like the chapter? who is Sarada's mother? and do you think this will be a good fight or will it end in a few panels?