Thursday, 4 June 2015

Naruto 706 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this review for the latest chapter of Naruto, before we begin talking about chapter 706 I feel it is only appropriate to sum up my ( and most people's) feelings towards Sakura.

Glad that's over with, now on to the actual review.

We start the chapter with Sasuke and Shin's dad engaging each other, Sasuke is flying upwards and Shin's father uses some eye technique to change the course of his throwing knives, Sasuke is still able to block them though and when he's face to face with Shin's father we see Sasuke's sword get grabbed and that their is a weird seal on Shin's dad's hand (Can't wait for this guy to have a name so I can stop referring to him as such).

While his sword is being held, we see Shin charging towards Sasuke and it feels like a pretty lame tactic to be honest, Sasuke could just you know, let go of his sword and he'd be fine. Not exactly the most air tight battle strategy we've ever seen in Naruto unless somehow Sasuke can't let go of the sword due to Shin's father's techniques.

Not that it matters in the end as Sasuke simply swaps places with Shin himself, this is a technique he got very late in the manga and it's nice to see it here.

Sasuke throws a huge fireball at the Akatsuki duo and instead of them teleporting or something, Shin just takes the attack for his father.... I dunno I am not liking this fight so far, lame tactic and not even using the substitution jutsu? when has a fireball ever hit anyone before anyways?

Baldy reveals his plan to revive the Akatsuki, something he needs to do with Sasuke's powers, even more interestingly though he also reveals that his name is Shin, just like his son. I am gonna add this to my prediction list but I am sure that Shin is somehow a clone of.......Shin, the older ugly one is the original and the rest are all copies of each other.

While Naruto is disgusted with learning what Shin is willing to do to his son, Sasuke tells him to protect the kids while he charges forward. I think this journey will teach both Sasuke and Naruto quite a lot about parenthood, especially seeing how evil Shin has been so far.

Sasuke charges forward but just as he does his sword leaves his hand and stabs Naruto instead, it turns out that earlier Shin was able to mark the sword and move it freely with his arms, we already seen how he can manipulate the throwing knives as he likes so it makes sense that he can control anything he is able to mark.

Here's a question though, can Shin manipulate any object? or does it have to be classified as a weapon? I mean can Shin put his seal on someone's shirt and then control it to suffocate them? that seems pretty dangerous to me.

With Naruto injured Shin is able to take control of his throwing knives and send them to Sarada, Sasuke intervenes though and gets stabbed instead. Huh, how odd, usually it's Sasuke doing the stabbing and this time he is stabbed instead, how's it feel now Sasuke-kun?

Shin does say something interesting, how the end of evolution is the death of a species, I'm no biologist but I don't see how that's true really, how many animals are evolving right now? or have evolved in the last thousands of years? humans themselves have not evolved and that is despite all the wars we always have. One could argue that we are evolving mentally by making new theories and technologies but I don't think that really counts. All bullshit aside, I don't see how Shin makes any point with what he said.

Evolution at it's finest
Before he can spew more crap from his mouth-hole, Sakura lands a solid punch right on Shin, oh yeah people, Sakura is in the house and this time, she's angry. I've been waiting 400 chapters for Sakura to be useful again (since her fight against Sasori) and it's on now!.

Shin is sent flying with blood coming out of his mouth, I'm surprised his eye didn't just fly out of it's socket.  Both Shins are detained by Naruto's Kyuubi arms while he and the rest of team 7 discuss who these two are as well as Sarada's weird family. Before much headway is done on either though we see the Jyuubi-mon show up and start teleporting the Shins away.

Damn it Sakura, like seriously? you had to get kidnapped? Seriously shannaro Sakura, I mean she can never do one badass thing without somehow being crapped on by Kishi and here it happens again.

Damn it Sakura, just make Sarada an orphan already.

In the above image it looks to me like Shin stabbed his son, right? this goes back to my theory that all the Shins are one person and this is confirmed in the last page of the manga when Shin asks Sakura to transplant his organs from his son into him, Sakura protests but I don't see why she would do this anyway as Shin can't threaten her with anything if she refuses. Regardless the chapter ends with Sakura mad at Shin for using his child for his organs.


Firstly turns out I was right a bit, I said last chapter that the Uchiha would get hurt and 2 Uchiha got hurt this time, sweet. So now for some new predictions.

1- All the Shins are one person, clones or whatever you choose to call it. All of them are also related to the Jyuubi somehow (which is pretty damn obvious I think)

2- Not sure how this transplant is going to go but I am curious to find out. I think Sakura might do it somehow when she is explained the situation.

3- Someone needs to send Sarada and chou-chou home, I don't think both Sasuke and Naruto will head to the hideout with the kids with them.


Well........ an odd chapter to be frank, I don't get how Naruto and Sasuke could get injured by Shin, sure you can argue they aren't as strong as before but still that doesn't explain how they lost like that.

Sakura getting kidnapped? geez another chapter where she is completely useless? I'll give this chapter a 2 out of 5 and hope we get something better next time.

Hope you enjoyed the review, like it if you did and thanks for reading.