Thursday, 11 June 2015

Naruto 707 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for Naruto 707, this review is coming a bit late because I had to make sure who my mother is before I can write it.

Chapter 707 begins with Shin and Sakura discussing the transplant and Shin finally reveals what I have been sure of this whole time, his "sons" are merely clones of him and aren't really sons at all but more like spare parts he uses when he gets injured. This of course angers Sakura who claims not even Orochimaru is that evil, which tells us that Sakura really never understood Orochimaru. Shin throws another big reveal which is that Oro is his teacher.

The thing about this transplant stuff is that it doesn't quite make sense, kid organs and adult organs aren't exactly the same size but  I'll make this slide. Also a father taking a heart from his son is the opposite plot of a famous movie.

Excellent movie by the way.
Naruto can't trace Shin or Sakura, which makes him think they are either very far or very well hidden. Remembering how Danzo had Sharingarms, Sasuke and Naruto decide to check Orochimaru's hideouts, I am surprised they know which one to go to and how to even find it, considering how many Orochimaru had and how well he hid them, then again Sasuke visited many of them when he was training with Orochimaru so it's not a big deal. They also agree to bring the kids with them as Shin would kidnap them if they were alone.

Back in the operation room, Shin talks about how Sakura shouldn't be sad about the dying kid since people are meant to die and kids are a way for humanity to survive for eternity....okay, sounds like some mumbo-jumbo to me to be frank. Shin says that death is merely the loss of one's flesh due to decay while Sakura argues that it's the flesh that counts.

Is it?

Kishi sure made a very convenient villain didn't he? a villain all about parents and kids which mirrors the current story line of Sarada and her family. A bit too convenient you ask me.

Going full circle with his talk on evolution, Shin mentions how war helps evolution by ensuring the strongest survive and new techniques and abilities are made, this is true since a lot of technological progress is made during war as people try to find the best ways to kill other people. The world is lovely.

The scene shifts and we see someone we haven't seen for a very long time, Yamato-taicho is back and apparently he's stuck guarding one of Orochimaru's bases, we don't get to spend much time with him before the rest just waltz in and leave him there, not sure what's the point of seeing Yamato but I hope he comes back later.

More people we haven't seen in the epilogue show up, it's Juugo and Suigetsu and it seems like they've been spending all their time in Orochimaru's base as well, man all the cool kids hang out there. Sarada recognizes them from the picture they took with Sasuke and plans to ask them questions but before anything can happen the big bad snake him/herself shows up.

So apparently since the last time we have seen Orochimaru he has taken over someone else's body, the last body he was riding was a Zetsu body and he discarded that for a more shapely female host, I find it very odd how Naruto is wiling to brush this fact away considering the he is the Hokage and for all we know this body could belong to a ninja from Konoha. I hope to read some of your thoughts on this.

Sasuke get's right to the point, asking about who this Shin is and why he is targeting his family, Oro explains that Shin was a genetic experiment who had a unique body that allowed him to be transplanted into anyone, so much so that a Shin body used to be Danzo's right arm. ( I always thought Danzo's right arm was made from Hashirama DNA but I'm sure that Shin is also made of Senju DNA)

Meanwhile Sakura helps the enemy, thanks a lot.
Naruto asks about Shin and how to defeat them and Orochimaru simply tells him that all these Shins are just people and to get rid of them you have to kill them, Naruto is shocked by this yet I would hope he would be more mature than this, he is the Hokage and he must protect his people, whether it's from normal people or genetically modified clones that can also be turned into arms.

Sasuke asks about Shin's location and Orochimaru agrees to show them, while they head to discuss his location Sarada is able to get Suigetsu's attention to ask about Karin. Sadly the crazy Uzumaki isn't here but Karin goes on to explain her story to Suigetsu and he has quite a reaction.

Suigetsu thinks Karin might have done something to Sasuke, she used to hint as much. but before they confirm anything they decide to do a DNA test to confirm and luckily for them Karin has a hair(?) sitting around just waiting to be tested.

They compare the hair left behind along with some DNA from Sarada and....there you have it, Kishi reveals that Karin is Sarada's mother, congrats!.

Or maybe....

Well 2 things make this theory dubious, firstly the hair could belong to Sasuke, we saw Karin keep Sasuke's sweaty shirts so his hair isn't a stretch for her to keep. Secondly some of Karin's DNA might be in Sasuke from the time he bit her to heal himself (during the fight with Killer Bee). I highly doubt Karin is the mother since Suigetsu never saw her pregnant and also because we know Sakura was pregnant in the last chapter.

Lastly and this is impossible, maybe Karin and Sakura are Sarada's parents, but that involves Fetishes I'd rather just keep to myself.

Naruto hears all of this and when he tries to comfort the poor girl he gets to see just how hurt she is and how she feels about being abandoned by both her parents.


Firstly I am so happy Shin turned out to be clones of each other, feels good to make a correct prediction. Now let's focus on what might happen in the future.

1- Sakura is probably the mother, this is just more red herring from Kishi to confuse us. However he might go another route and say "it doesn't matter who you are related to genetically, your true parents are the ones who raise you" but I highly doubt that will happen.

2-  Kind of grasping at straws here but we might find out that Sakura did something to Shin during the surgery, seems far-fetched though.

3- Once this is over and Shin is defeated, all the Little Shins will be invited to Konoha to "find their identity" or something like that.


This was an alright chapter, lots of talking and some interesting revelations, Nothing really happened apart from Sarada finding out she is related to Karin but I am sure we will see later that Sakura is the mother.

Overall a decent 3 out of 5 chapter. Hope you enjoy the review, leave me a comment if you did and thanks for reading.