Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Naruto 676 review

Hello and welcome to my review for Naruto 676. I've been quite anxious for this chapter to come out actually since 675 had such a good cliffhanger at the end, so let's start the review.

A lot of speculation was made on how Madara would teleport out of the Kamui dimension, the most agreed on was that Madara would teleport himself out of the dimension with the Sharingan and bring Obito along with him, after he goes back to the real world he'd transfer his eye then but that's not the case.

At first I thought maybe Madara might have used some genjutsu on Obito to control him but Zetsu immediately answers that he finally took control of his body, if only some pink haired girl had just stabbed the Rinnengan earlier we wouldn't have this issue right now. Also why did Zetsu come along? will he fight or provide support for Madara? Zetsu could have just Kamui'd Madara and stayed behind so I am expecting some sort of involvement in the future

When Madara stares in the direction of team 7 and analyzes the team we see Sakura take a step backwards and Kakashi can't blame her for being frightened of Madara, but she's not scared, she's just gathering Chakra to launch an epic counter attack against Madara, the stage is set, it's Sakura's time to shine baby, no more hiding behind her team she's gonna give Madara a pounding, oh yeah it's gonna be epic cause Kishi will finally deliver a fantastic female character in his somewhat homoerotic Manga, Hang on to your pants boys it's Sakura's time to shine begin!

Same page as the previous picture, how odd.
Oh screw it all, why does Kishi even give her a thought? she has some moment of clarity, she gathers Chakra, charges into the strongest Shinobi in the world for the sake of buying time for her comrades and what happens? she gets stabbed in 2 seconds flat, geez thanks Sakura for all that extra time you gave us, oh wait now Sasuke and Naruto have to charge in to save your sorry ass? excellent work miss Forehead.

Her efforts are especially pathetic when compared to another ninja who also tried to buy time against Madara.

Thank's to Sakura's brilliant plan of getting stabbed then punching Madara she forces her team to come in and rescue her, Sasuke tries to land an attack on Madara while Naruto manages to save She-who-shall-not-be-named from certain death, it's at this point that we see another amazing aspect of Sakura's character.

Sakura's ability to focus on her love life during the scariest battle of everybody's life is just... incredible. No she doesn't think that she almost died or how to counter Madara or that naruto saved her, those are minor details, what matters is that Sasuke-kun doesn't seem to care about her cause you know that is what matters right now apparently.

Hmm, quite a bit of ship sinking this chapter eh? especially since Naruto saved Sakura but I'm sure Kishi will do something to fan the flames some more, it's been almost 700 chapters and we still don't know who will end up with who yet.

Madara has 4 shadows around him and the cool thing is comparing the shadows to Zetsu, both of them are colored white which makes sense when you remember that Zetsu is Madara's will and so are his shadows.

Apparently bored with the current pace of the fight Madara decides to use the same gravity move that Pain used but on a wider scale and using multiple gravity centers, it's at this time that we are reminded that there are more characters in this manga than just team 7 and Madara, Gaara, Gai and Lee briefly show up only to run away, it's a little annoying not to see more characters fighting Madara right now when you remember how big the Alliance is and that apparently they are all distracted with fighting Spiral Zetsu.

The above image will look great once it's animated but for now we get a single panel of 4 Narutos vs 4 Madaras and it doesn't look too amazing does it? I can't wait for the Anime to expand on these panels.

When Madara uses his Chibaku Tensei it showed how clever Naruto is, he remembered what Itachi told him about aiming for the center of the technique and simply threw his strongest long range attack to counter it, it's a small moment but I liked it very much and I liked how he did it without Kishi reminding us about Itachi.

Sasuke also displays his new Susanoo that has wings, this new version is strong enough to cut through solid rock and it can fly, it's pretty amazing to look at really but before we see all the capabilities of this new Susanoo Madara flies towards the moon and opens his third eye.


1- That third eye of Madara is the same thing both the Sage and his mom had, it makes me think that at one point at the very least the Sage's mom tried to control humanity or use the infinite tsukiyomi, I mean somebody had to use that technique or attempt to use it in the beginning right? and the Sage's mom always seemed a little bit evil doesn't she? plus we aren't even sure she's human as the story says that she came from a "far away land" perhaps she came from the moon?

2- I kind of expect Kakashi to use Raikiri one more time, he first used it without his Sharingan and it would be fitting if he used it again without the Sharingan, in this entire chapter Kakashi observed the fight and I think Kishi is keeping him around for a reason, why else would he keep giving him panels if he's not going to contribute to the story anymore?

3- Where is team Orochimaru? they rescued Sasuke and aren't busy with Spiral Zetsu like everyone else is, infact is Spiral Zetsu still a threat? last we saw him it looked like Karin had destroyed him.

4- I expect the infinite Tsukiyomi to go off, it looks pretty unstoppable now

5- Anyone else think Sasuke will awaken a third eye? he is flying towards Madara and he has the Rinnengan so it certainly seems possible but is it likely?


A bit of a mixed chapter, I did not enjoy a single part of this chapter that included Sakura, I do not dislike the character because she's just a fictional person who doesn't exist yet my god all she did was fail this chapter then moan about Sasuke and that just bothered me and kept me from enjoying any part of 676 that included her.

The cliffhanger was good though and it will be interesting to see where the manga goes from here, this plan has been brewing since chapter 600 and it's finally coming true, it's amazing to think we spent the last 120 chapters basically in the same day of the war but I'm hoping this eye of the moon plan will move things forward a lot, despite that most of this chapter was a wash for me and a good cliffhanger doesn't save it from a 2 out of 5.