Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Naruto 677 review

Yeap Madara pretty much has no weakness does he? dude is invincible.

Welcome to my review for Naruto 677, I'm lucky that the chapter came out just as I had nothing to do and therefore I can review it this quickly.
Last week we saw Madara activate his long awaited Moon Eye plan and this chapter immediately begins with a shot of the moon in it's Rinnengan look, same as we last saw it actually. Spiral Zetsu thinks it's now time to ditch his "filling" for some reason, I am not sure why because we've seen that by wearing someone Spiral is able to become quite a bit stronger, he first enhanced Obito during his rampage and his current host has given him a lot of additional power so I wonder why he decides to ditch him?

Also what exactly have all the shinobi been doing so far? I mean Karin destroyed the statue they were fighting before Sasuke was revived and Sasuke's been fighting for a while now, Kishi doesn't even provide a reason as to why they were doing nothing for so long.

We see the Alliance react to the falling meteors Madara summoned earlier, I'm pretty sure that these are a result of his technique and not due to the Infinite Tsukiyomi. Some ninjas notice that the moon is different and the first person to react to it is Sasuke who seems to figure out that there is something wrong with looking at the moon.

That's a lot of Rasengans, I've seen some fans complain that all of Naruto's techniques are some variation of his Rasengan and I can't quite disagree with that, here we see Rasengan version 53, 6 balls edition and it's too late in the manga for him to learn anything new so I guess we'll probably see 2-3 more versions before the series ends.

Sasuke flies back to his team and immediately covers them with his Susanoo to protect them from the effect of the Moon, while elsewhere we catch up with.... Tenten? Kinda weird to devote panel time to a character that has had no flashbacks so far but anyways she managed to seal the tools that Madara threw up a few chapters ago and thinks to herself that she will need help from someone who knows how to use them, a ninja from the Hidden cloud and this gives me an idea as to who that might be.

Also in the very last panel of that page you see Tenten being sucked into the scroll or something like that, it seems she found a way to escape the genjutsu by escaping to another reality somehow.

Last week I made a prediction that we might see the Sage's mom and while she hasn't exactly show up herself she does sort of make an appearance here, I do wonder if she is a villain because the Sage talked about how she "controlled the world" and that she came from a far away land, she might have come from another planet and enslaved Naruto's planet after she absorbed the Jyuubi, either way she gets more and more malevolent each time we see her.

Causing the moon to shine brightly we see multiple ninjas fall under Madara's genjutsu, Kiba brightly tells people around him to look at the exact object they should avoid looking at, class. Orochimaru and his group were freeing Tobirama so at least we know what they have been busy with, we catch a glimpse of Killer Bee existing a tentacle, very similar to what he did when he fought Sasuke and yet..... why is he alive? he had the Hachibi removed from him so it makes very little sense for him to be alive right now, I hope Kishi explains this because thus far every host has died almost immediately after having their Bijuu removed. Note also that due to Bee's glasses we cannot tell if he is under the effects of Genjutsu or not, I think not and I'll elaborate on that later.

I wouldn't complain if we had a few more panels of "branches" covering the Mizukage.
Gai's also been making a recovery, we see him with Lee and Gaara and his skin is mostly back to normal, he also seems to have both his legs intact. But that isn't very important right now because Madara summons a huge amount of branches and covers almost every shinobi in the world with them, his intent for doing this is probably to drain all their chakra while they wither and die in the Infinite dream.

With all that's going on Naruto tries to get out of Sasuke's Susanno but thankfully he's stopped, Zetsu mentions that due to being able to block the light everyone inside the Susanno is unaffected by the genjutsu.

The last couple of pages show us the current list of people who can still fight, Hashirama is still immobile due to the black rods Madara stuck into him but Tobirama is free and Spiral Zetsu also frees Yamato from inside him, we all probably guessed that's who was powering him to begin with although I wonder if Yamato will be able to fight at all, Hiruzen is also able to contribute to the future fight and lastly we see Minato without arms, his last appearance was teleporting the black balls Madara used against them so apart from being armless he's also potentially able to contribute to this final fight.


1- I assume that Bee is not under the effect of the genjutsu, since we didn't see his eyes this chapter it's a safe bet I think, also he is alive when he really shouldn't be and I think that will contribute to his "immunity" to the Tsukiyomi, or maybe it's just his sunglasses, those things are awesome.

2- Going with the above prediction I'm fairly certain Tenten will ask Bee how to use the tools of the Sage, she might end up asking someone else like the Raikage but I'm fairly certain she'll ask Bee.

3- Why are the ET Kages immune to the Genjutsu? for one it could be because they are ET and there fore aren't affected by Genjutsu at all but I think that's unlikely, it could be that as Edo Tensei they don't dream but we just saw Minato passed out so clearly they can rest in some way. The most likely reason I believe is due to the fact that they were all summoned from Zetsu clones and we saw that Zetsu in this chapter was immune to the genjutsu Madara used, so if Zetsu is immune then it makes sense that any Edo Tensei from a Zetsu body would have the same immunity.

4- I wonder what is the role of team 7 now? Sasuke and Naruto will fight Madara somehow but what about Kakashi? he'll probably be observing and figuring out a plan for his students. Sakura?


This chapter feels like it should have been released with the last one to be honest, it feels like both chapters were just an introduction and follow up of madara starting the Infinite Tsukiyomi and showing it's effects on the world. I think I enjoyed this chapter more because it resolves one issue that has plagued this arc from the start, too many characters, by having Madara remove 99% of the population we are left with just a few key players fighting against Madara and that is much better than having a mess of characters just sitting around and doing nothing.

I'm not sure what to expect but I like the current direction that this chapter took and while not much really happened here apart from seeing the effects of Madara's genjutsu it was still a solid chapter and an entertaining 3.5 out of 5.