Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Naruto 675 review

So it's been two weeks but we finally have a new Naruto chapter this week so welcome to my review for Naruto 675.
When we last saw Sakura and Obito they were in the other dimension and Madara had just joined them and threw his dark black stick thingy, Obito manages to teleport Sakura away and yet you kinda wonder if that is the smart decision, it's kind of him to save her yet if he is fast enough to kamui someone shouldn't he have just teleported himself away?

Although it does also remind me of something Konan once said.

Hmm, still this might just apply to teleporting from the real world to the Kamui world but either way if Obito had teleported himself back to the real world and left Sakura to die that would have been the smarter choice wouldn't it?

After teleporting back to the real world we see Sakura immediately start treating Kakashi's empty eye socket which doesn't seem to hurt him much, honestly limbs and organs are just things in the Naruto world, Kakashi loses his eye and he barely bats an..eye over losing it, when Jiraya lost an arm during his fight with Pain he barely reacted, I would prefer a bit more realistic reactions from these ninjas sometimes but it's a series with magic in it so I'll try not to complain.

We also see a much longer version of Obito telling Sakura to crush his eye because if Madara is able to combine both eyes (which we all know he will) he will be "unstoppable"... Yeah it's hard to imagine that barely 5 chapters ago Madara was also considered unstoppable but then multiple characters took turns wiping the floor with him and suddenly Madara looks weak and even needs another power up?

It was only during my second re-read of this chapter that I realised Madara is floating in this panel, no legs no nothing just plain hovering in the air like it's nothing, some people thought that Madara would have his mobility limited by his lack of legs but Madara doesn't care about no legs, he'll freaking float if he wants to.

We get some back story dating to the time Obito was taking care of an old Madara, we're told that the whole thing with Rin had been planned by Madara, we always knew that the third Mizukage was been mind controlled by someone, also remember that the Third was the host of the 3-Tails which was the same beast Rin had sealed inside her, that means Madara must have had the Mizukage killed, sealed into Rin and ordered the Mist village to send her to the Leaf so she can destroy them, it seems so obvious now but I always imagined that Madara was mind controlling the Third yet now it's more like he was actually pretending to be him or simply controlled the entire Mist village somehow.

An elaborate plan, somehow I thought old Madara was a bit nicer than his younger more douchbaggy version yet he was able to do all that just to make Obito his puppet, cruel.

The scene with Obito and Madara ends before we get to see exactly what happens, I have a couple of guesses on what could happen but I'll put them in later. For now this is an exciting situation because Madara seems more interesting whenever he is dealing with Obito and Obito is at his best when he is a good underdog type of character so it's a tense and interesting situation for me.

The rest of this chapter deals with the reunion of team 7, while we already saw the students together we haven't had all of them together in one panel yet...or have we? I am pretty sure we haven't but either way Naruto shows up and well...

So.... new organs, bringing people back from the brink of death... What exactly can Naruto NOT do? his new powers are remarkable aren't they? he just grew an eye for Kakashi, like making him wear a hat. It's one issue to take someone else's eye ball, plug it into your USB port and use it as your own, but why take other eyes when Naruto can grow one for you? all he needs is some "life force" how vague is that?

My personal opinion though is that Kishi is getting tired of trying to remember what everyone's eyes are, " Okay so Obito has one Rinnengan and one Sharingan, Rin on left and Sharingan on right, Madara is the opposite and Sasuke... oh snap I forgot Sasuke's eyes, what about Kakashi? ah screw it I'll give him two normal eyes and forget about him now"

Flash back time! all the way back to team 7's first meeting since this might be the last time they are all together. How many people can say they tried to kill a girl and she still likes them? some psychos no doubt but it's still crazy here how Kishi is saying that Sakura still likes Sasuke, really? I mean that sounds like a healthy relationship doesn't it?

Naruto has achieved his dream and Sakura... well I won't go there but what does Sasuke want? in his flashback he wanted to revive his clan and kill Itachi, well he did half of what he wanted so now what? how does becoming Hokage fit in his dream? I like how Kakashi questions him on that.

The chapter ends with Madara teleporting back, Kakashi mentions their first mission together to steal the bells which was about team work, they had to take 2 bells from Kakashi so now they have to take two eyeballs from Madara I suppose, also I wonder how much support Kakashi will be able to lend his team in his current state, he's not the Copy Ninja without his Sharingan but he's still pretty useful so I'm hoping we see Kakashi fight at least one more time before Naruto concludes.


1- When I saw the Obito and Madara exchange and how it looked like Obito's situation is kind of hopeless it did remind me of Danzo way back when he fought against Sasuke and what he did to screw Obito over, I think there is a chance Obito will use the same suicide seal and hopefully manage to destroy the Rinnengan, it's unlikely Black Zetsu will stick behind just to be sealed although he could still escape with the Rinnengan into Madara.
Chapter 481.
2- Black Zetsu might reunite with Madara and give him the complete 10 tails now, remember Madara is still lacking the Yang half of Kurama which Black Zetsu is hosting so it's possible Madara will leave Kamui with 2 Rinnengans and all the Bijuus fully sealed inside him.


I liked this chapter but not all of it, I definitely preferred the Madara and Obito section over the team 7 reunion as it seemed that we got a lot of story with Madara and it was interesting to see him as a smart villian who uses his head rather than a tank who takes blows from Bijuus and Kage level ninjas without being hurt, his manipulation of Obito from the moment he met him is just fascinating and made this chapter very interesting.

Not so much with team 7, I didn't like how Naruto can just grow eyes now, it left a bad taste in my mouth and after that it's a flashback and some acknowledgment from Kakashi, it did have a cool cliffhanger but I wouldn't mind more time with Obito and less with team 7 if it were up to me, either way this chapter gets a 3.5 out of 5 and I am looking forward to next week.