Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Naruto 678 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 678, the chapter was released just as I'm free so there's a bit of luck there for me.
Naruto 678 starts with a shot showing 4 of the great villages surrounded by trees and their people all caught by the infinite Tsukiyomi. The only village we don't see is Konoha but that's probably because Kishi showed it last chapter so there's no need to show it again.

I've been praising Sasuke's character in the last few chapters but his response here is definitely a step backwards for him, while it was never established that he is a good guy and some hints were dropped that he has an ulterior motive for helping the alliance it's his response here to both Sakura and Kakashi that show how he's kind of an asshole really.

Although he is right about that those two are mostly useless right now this is just an indication that Sasuke views people as tools and little else.

We get a montage of dreams for the people stuck in Madara's dream world and it honestly just feels like Kishi is using up his panels for this week, nothing mind blowing here except maybe for the fact that every girl's dream hinges on getting a man, Hinata gets Naruto, Ino gets 2 guys, Tsunade marries the love of her life as does Mei and Tenten seems to have a crush on Lee.

Compare that to the guys dreams, Lee beats Neji, Kiba becomes Hokage, Shino finds a new Species of bug, Shikimaru dreams Asuma is still alive which is a nice reminder for the guy, Asuma was cool. Chouji dreams of finding a woman so I guess Kishi thinks that Chouji is the most feminine out of all the male ninjas.
The best dream though is easily Gaara who just wishes he had a happy childhood with Naruto and his family, it's actually a touching moment in this chapter but it's still a strong contrast to how Kishi seems to treat women in his manga.

I hope someone can correct me on this but I had originally assumed that the moon would be constantly using the Genjutsu yet in this chapter Sasuke waits for it to dim a little and then releases his Susanoo and everyone on his team is fine so it looks like Infinite Tsukiyomi is something like an explosion, it has a huge impact at the start then it just dies down into nothing.

It's also interesting that according to Sasuke only the Rinnengan can remove the effects of IT and since the only holders of the Rinnengan right now are Sasuke and Madara I wonder which one of them is more likely to stop this technique, Sasuke's attitude definitely wasn't encouraging in this chapter but it remains to be seen if he's just rude or if this is part of his way to create his own world.

Now that's just racist.
Zetsu showed us in the last chapter that he is somehow immune to the Infinite Tsukiyomi although it's not explained why, Zetsu plans on eliminating team 7 but Madara shows up, he's proud of his accomplishment and says he freed the world from all it's suffering which is quite hard to argue against, everyone is happy in their dream world aren't they? is it really evil to give everyone a happy ending?

Now for the twist.

Zetsu has been shown many times throughout this arc, he's probably the last remaining member of the original Akatsuki to stick around till the end and we still barely know anything about him or his abilities. His betrayal of Madara is really unusual because it just came out of nowhere. Zetsu mentions that Madara isn't the only one able to use and manipulate people and Madara replies with the fact that Zetsu is just a creation by Madara so why the hell is he betraying him now?

It might be that since Madara activated his technique and we saw an image of Kaguya last chapter that she was somehow brought back to life, I remember Tobi told us a story about how the Sage split the 10 tails into 2 parts, one part he sealed into the moon and the other part he turned into the 9 Bijuus. If Kaguya has been brought back she's either possessing Zetsu or he's somehow switched loyalties towards her now.

Chapter 467 by the way.
Perhaps it wasn't the Jyuubi's body that was sealed inside the moon but Kaguya herself and thanks to Madara she's been revived now, I'll bet Madara is regretting his decision because the last time we see him Kaguya seems to be using some extremely painful technique and the chapter is over.


1- Firstly I think that awakening people from the Infinite Tsukiyomi will be what causes Sasuke and Naruto to fight each other, Sasuke might not want to bring them back or something and we know there has to be reason for those two to get into a fight.

2- If Kaguya is brought back to life I feel like she will have to posses someone's body and since she had the Byakugan when she was alive she'd probably prefer a female Hyuuga....hmm.... any prominent Hyuuga women in this series?

3- Madara might be converted to the good side, I mean everybody else has so why not him as well? we know Hashirama is still around and he is good with bringing Uchihas to the good side isn't he? *cough* sasuke *cough*. Combine Hashirama with Naruto's Talk-no-jutsu and even Madara might turn out to be a good guy. It

4- I would find it extremely ironic if Kaguya were to be the final villian in Naruto, after an entire series worth of pathetic women we get Kaguya who can demolish planets by herself.


This was an interesting chapter with a strong cliffhanger, a slow beginning and a waste of 5 pages showing us what people dream of, perhaps it's not really a waste for some people but I feel like it would be better to have more time with team 7, Madara and Zetsu and less time with Kiba's goal of making international Dog Day a holiday.

Overall it was the cliffhanger at the end that made this chapter exciting, apart from that it was mostly passable and I'll give it a 3 out of 5 solely for the ending.

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